Kurt and Mac


Kurt and Mac will be your supports, advisors and inspirations. They have intimate connection with the most talented and professional teams in different locations. They are not just your advisors but they are here to experience this new chapter with you. The team will pay attention to every details and to create your unique wedding and to celebrate the love journey with you.


Our Wedding Planner

We have always and will continue to support same sex equality. We will always fight for what’s right for us, as we believe love conquer the world. This is more than a wedding, this is more about a movement, a revolution!


Our Service

We want the best for you.

We offer variety of services from venue booking to providing makeup artist/photographer. We promise to create a unique wedding for you to share the happiness with the world.


Our Partners

We believe bonding is inevitable around the world with people that share the same vision! We successfully to have a lovely gay-friendly wedding planner to join us in our team. With us, mission is possible!


Our Customer

Regardless of your sexuality, we are proud to be your support! We want you to enjoy the moment without worrying a thing. Let us take care of everything for and just be the happiest couple at your wedding celebration.


Our Destinations

It is our dream to tie up with many countries as possible! Believe us, we are reaching to the world! We have seven different location for you to choose at this moment.