What is wedding travel?

Wedding travel is getting married and travelling at the same time in overseas.


Why wedding travel?

It is a unique and memorable experience for couples, different from tradition destination wedding, we provide unique wedding experience by mix and matching the overseas culture together.


What are the benefits of having a wedding travel?
  • Think of the facts
  • Virtually Stress-Free
  • No Family drama
  • Cost Effective
  • Tailor your experience
  • Combining your wedding, honeymoon, family reunion and vacation all in one big trip!


What do we do during wedding travel?

Our team will plan with you together considering your interest, style and your thoughts, combining all together and organise your unique next chapter.


Is wedding travel right for us?

Wedding is one of the most important section in your life,so think for yourself how you wanted to be. If you would like to share your happiness, mostly it is to your closest family and friends able to attend and witness your special moments. So make sure you are the decision maker of your choice.


What do Next Chapter provide?

We provide the whole process from head to toe! From planning, propose, choosing the countries, the unique method of wedding, the honeymoon, the travelling and more that you can think of.


Is the marriage overseas legal in Hong Kong?

The papers you signed in your chosen destination is legal in worldwide as long as they are legal to get married with same sex marriage. You are officially married by then!


What do we need to do for wedding travel?

Relax! We will take you through all the steps during the process. The tip is to let us know which location and how much time you have.


How much time in advance should I be planning the wedding travel?

It depends, we are able to provide an express marriage, but it will be good if you have at least 3 months time for a fast marriage, better for an ideal time from 6-9 months, or a deliciousness marriage in 12 months time.


What are the legal requirement when getting married out of the country?

Every country has different legal requirements for wedding. Most requires application form, passports, birth certificates and the most important, a marriage license. Our specialists are happy to help you through all the requirements as they have extensive knowledge.


Would we have any communication problem with the locals?

We will guide the whole process and provide all the communications by different methods.


Could we change the details or the date once we confirmed?

You will have more than enough time to make your plannings and decisions, in general, once confirmed, it is impossible to arrange any changes, however, we would try our best if you have any special reasons.

  • Changes in the time period:
  • More than 1 month : Free of charge
  • Less than 1 month : 10% of the total
  • Less than 2 weeks : 30% of the total
  • Less than 10 days : 50% of the total
  • Less than 1 week , we are sorry we will not be able to make any changes
  • If you need to cancel the wedding:
  • Cancelling the wedding, we will take all deposit.